EB-5 UPDATE 08/23/2021:

Today USCIS filed a motion to appeal the decision the Northern District Court of California made on June 23rd in the Behring Regional Center Lawsuit on the last day it was allowed. You may see this motion directly at this link.

The good news is that since the USCIS did not file a motion for a stay order, it seems they will continue to accept I-526 applications for the time being as were prior to the Modernization rules took place in November 2019. This means that investors looking to file at the $500,000 should consider doing so imminently.

It is uncertain whether the appeal will be won by the USCIS, and if it does, the potential implications this could have on investors filing between June 23rd, 2021, and when this motion was won by the USCIS if won. 

The bottom line is if you are serious about investing $500,000 to secure your permanent residency, do it NOW!!